by Cold Youth

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released May 6, 2012



all rights reserved


Cold Youth NSW, Australia


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Track Name: Leaving
I can feel it pulling me under.
An anchor wrapped around my neck
dragging me down into the depths.
The tight grip of hopelessness.
Like your favourite novels
the story always reads the same.
Another innocent victim,
Another chapter in your book of mistakes.

There is nothing left to be said
just put the flowers on my grave.

Put the flowers on my grave,
the shallow grave of all your mistakes.
I hope the ghost of broken promises
will haunt you for the rest of your days.

You try to retain your innocence as if broken hearts have never bled.

Promises break. Times won’t change.
Track Name: Wanderer
I can’t tell you where to go when I don’t know myself.
All I hope is that one-day you find yourself.
The darkest roads travelled by the brightest hearts.
I can’t tell you where to go when I don’t know myself.

The storm in my head builds.
Rain falls with the nightfall
And I’ll never find my peace of mind.
Track Name: Storms
I could see the sun setting in her eyes
and I don’t know how the trees in the forest
stand so tall when all I can do is
think about going under.

I’m haunted by my future self,
Or maybe it’s exactly who I am?
I can’t tell where to run.

I’ve been going on like this for days
And for four days I’ll regret a lifetime.
I’ve walked a mile for not even a smile.

I thought you loved.
I thought you cared…
Track Name: Wrecked
When autumn comes I’ll fly with the leaves.
You’ve dampened the flame in my chest.
It’s out, I’m done.
I’m never coming back.
Regrets. Mistakes.
Choices made.

Turning, walking, running, hiding.
I know where I’ve seen this before;
In the mirror with a life unsure.

Your head fills with regrets.
Your chest stings with distress.
I work myself up to get let down.
Caught, shamed, without a flame.
Broken. Changed. Left all alone
I hope this is all you ever know.

All the words you ever said.
All the things you ever did.
What were they for?
Just a lie?
A mistake for the unaware.
Track Name: Coralie
I’d drink this bottle dry if I thought it’d bring you back to life.
Not a single day passes where I don’t miss you.
I see you in my dreams.
My reality is this nightmare.
To never see you again,
Seeing only these pictures and words.

They can’t explain who you were.
No, they can’t explain.
They can’t explain who you were,

The most beautiful lady.
A mother. A daughter.
The loved one now untouched by the rising sun.

I’ve taken what you’ve taught me
And I swear I’ll make something of myself.
I swear to you
If it’s all I do I'll make something of myself.